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Welcome to Fortbildungsinstitut Zahnärztekammer Bremen

We are convinced of lifelong learning. Further education is our passion. Participants of our courses are treated with cordial care. The targets of our participants are our motivation.
We work with joy, heart and sense.

Our Task

The chamber of dentist is the official representation of all dentists in Bremen and Bremerhaven and all dentists in the state of Bremen are members. The chamber is a statutory corporation installed by the legislative authority with state approved tasks. We are supervised by Bremer government and our members are actively involved in the chamber work. The FIZ Insitute is responsible for further education and offers courses for dentist, dental teams and staff ranging from special courses for dental clinics up to courses for communication, hypnosis and general health.


We operate from three locations, one main office in Bremen, one in Bremerhaven and additionally we offer the FIZ Seminar- Center with one lecture room, and a hands on room equipped with three dental units and ten phantom heads.

What we do

Qualification of dental clinics, dentists and teams to be able to cope with the requirements of a state of the art patient treatment and office management.

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